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New Miniature Relief Valve Offers Superior Performance

The Lee Company's new miniature, poppet-style Pressure Relief Valve provides a faster opening rate and more stable flow than typical ball-style relief valves. Measuring just 5.5mm in diameter and 19mm long, the new valve weighs only 1.7 grams. Simple to install, this Relief Valve uses Lee's field-proven insert principle which provides secure retention and eliminates the need for threads, o-rings, or in-house designs. To install, insert the relief valve into a drilled hole and drive the expansion pin flush to seal and lock the valve in place. Designed for reliable operation, the valve features a robust, all stainless steel construction, and 100% performance testing to ensure consistent, long-term performance.

The new Relief Valve's compact size, superior performance, and ease of installation makes it ideal for high volume applications in automotive, off-road, and other industrial hydraulic systems.

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