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Microidraulica Industriale

Politica della qualità

The IMH Group’s Quality Policy ensures that we are able to comply with the requirements of TS 16949.  This commitment ensures that we continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, quality objectives, targets, and measurements of objectives.

The IMH Group’s overall policy is to meet product specifications and reach the goal of exceeding customer expectations for service. We are committed to the safety, education, and wellbeing of our employees and our environment.  The formula for our Quality Policy is:


(CE)2 is achieved by providing quality product, on time, to all customers with a goal to reach zero defects through a quality approach of continuous improvement.

It is the mission of the IMH Group to design and build state of the art products that exceed customers’ expectations for utility, performance, and quality. The IMH Group constantly strives to improve our product designs, manufacturing processes, and Quality Management System. The ultimate goal is zero defects and a satisfied customer.