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Microidraulica Industriale

Shuttle Valves

The IMH Insert Shuttle Valve is a miniature, economical and reliable solution to the problem of  hydraulic isolation in manifolds. The valve features a compact, non-detented, selective design that is ideal as a signal for auxiliary functions, such as hydraulically released, spring-applied brakes as well as load sensing applications.

IMH Shuttle Valves are available in two sizes, a 5.5mm diameter 2.5 GPM model, and an 8.0mm diameter 6 GPM version. These valves are the smallest in their class, often one third the size of existing shuttle valves with comparable flow rates. The all metal construction provides high reliability, yet leakage is drip tight. Each valve is 100% factory tested for flow and leakage to ensure consistent, long term performance.

Lee Shuttle Valve Features and Benefits

Smallest in their class

  • Minimize housing size.

Leak tight

  • No system drift.
  • No system losses.

Low shuttling pressure

  • Fast system response.

All metal retention and sealing

  • No threads necessary.
  • No o-rings to fail.